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At one point I acquired a paralegal certificate, did landscape designing, studied real estate, and owned and managed a machine and specialty welding shop for fifteen years. I bred and exhibited show horses and qualified three of them to their respective breed world champion shows.† I was the business office manager for a nonprofit for seven years. I was a full-charge bookkeeper for over twenty years and worked as a paralegal.†

The point of that introduction is to let you know that I have a wide variety of exposure to disparate and unique businesses, and every one of them needed some sort of advertising, business communication, manuals, or narrative writing. Iíve written for† one of the largest mining machinery manufacturers in the world at the time (Bucyrus-Erie), an antique shop, a fire service supply online store, a nonprofit blog,† a welding and machine shop, a show horse and breeding operation, real estate firms, a nonprofit hospice, nonprofit horse clubs, plumbers, jewelry manufacturers, and an antique vehicle restoration business.


If I havenít personally explored your business, I do what it takes to get to know you and your target market, and I do it with your image in mind.


I believe that quality doesnít cost, it pays. When SEO became a factor in the internet marketing world, I saw that it still had to be contained within readable, pleasing, effective marketing content. It needs to sound like my clients, not a cut-and-paste script from a search engine how-to page. My copy doesnít violate any algorithms and it wonít sound canned.

Along the way, I learned to work with editors, advertising layout departments, foundations, corporate grant makers, new businesses, small nonprofits, established nonprofits with high-dollar revenues, and just nice folks that were pursuing their dreams. I learned as much from each of them as they learned from me. The most rewarding part of what I do is meeting new people and helping them to succeed. I absolutely love the relationships I have built with clients.†

I can follow whatever style guide you need, from the Chicago Manual of Style to AP to house style guides, and I know how to develop and adapt your mission and program language to specific funding source requirements. I understand what appeals to YOUR target market and how to present your mission or product eloquently and with style.




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