Some client comments


L. M. - contacted CLW to write grants before he was a nonprofit - 

Thank you for the info about how long it takes to get established. that(sic) I think is all the more reason for me to hire a lawyer and not try to take a cheap online incorporation package.

I may have “put the horse before the cart.” I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my request. I need to take this back to the drawing board before I go forward. You have made me consider questions that I did not even know I needed to ask. Thank you for that. I will be in touch when I am ready to come back and focus on grant writing.

 G.M.- California small business applying for a Chase Bank grant.

“It was a pleasure working with Becky, her knowledge, patience, willingness to work with our constraints, and the uncanny ability to guide us along with humor and firm direction was invaluable. Becky is so efficient that she made it possible for our project to be complete before the required deadline. From the beginning we felt that Becky was a part of our team, she really cared and wanted us to succeed. Thank you for hanging in their (sic)  when we were floundering. We will definitely use her services again with pleasure.” (article)- R.U. said:

Thanks Becky!

This is perfect! I usually have edits, but I can't think of anything to pick on. Yay!

T. H. - Exec Dir - California - Early childhood development center

I must say, since we have been working with you, you have helped our organization a great deal, and provided us with helpful advice. I wanted to thank you for being understanding and patient with our organization while we are trying to grow and "get everything together right!"

From a food bank grants manager (Specific information redacted for privacy reasons)

We received word today that XX  XXXX  Community Health Improvement fund has awarded us a XXXXX grant for (our program). The check should arrive in the next few weeks. Thanks especially to Becky for her research on hunger-health statistics for this grant.


E.G. - aspiring nonprofit director

“Thanks so much Becky, you are the best. We had a tight budget but you went out of your way to guide us and work with us. Thank you so much and I am sure we will be working again in the near future...God bless ”




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