Initial Feasibility Studies


I know what itís like to start a business with very few resources.† I started this one with less than $1000. Earlier, I bought a machine shop that had to generate $17,000 a month to stay open and it had only $10,000 in the bank. I also know how frustrating it is to need help when you canít afford it. For those clients, I offer the initial feasibility study or IFS.† Put simply, it offers basic market research and an outline of the steps you need to consider when moving forward, and is applicable to both nonprofit and for-profit start-ups.


While this document will not substitute for a full-blown business plan or strategic plan to use when seeking funding, it will be a valuable internal roadmap. Think of it as an overhead shot of your neighborhood, opposed to actually walking through the streets. The IFS defines your competition and your market share potential. In short, the result is a document that helps you to determine whether to go forward with your business ideas.


If you decide to go forward with a full plan within 90 days, I allow the full cost of the IFS as a credit against the cost of a full plan. IFS studies typically cost from $300 to $500 depending on your type of business. (Why only 90 days? To be useful, market data needs to be as current as possible.† After 90 days, the data can be stale, requiring substantial new research.)


Business and Strategic Plans


These plans can be developed either as internal planning documents or for investor presentations.† Typically, nonprofits develop strategic plans that are focused more on the mechanics of mission accomplishment than on obtaining bank funding, while for-profits are normally more focused on raising investment capital or securing traditional bank financing.†


Both business models require in-depth business analysis. The depth of detail and client participation is greater, and the projections are typically extended for up to five years. Both documents explore your management strengths and weaknesses, your revenue needs and potential, and your market growth potential.


Custom Consulting


Sometimes, you just need to know what questions to ask.† Want to know more about forming a board of directors? Donít know which business form to use?† Not sure whether to file paperwork to be an IRS-approved tax-exempt charity?† Want to know if your state-registered nonprofit is tax-exempt for Federal purposes? Need to develop your grant capability? I offer consulting on an hourly or monthly fee basis.

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